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Chicago, IL
August 29th and 30th

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Why should I attend the American Tax Planning Institute Enhanced Strategies Summit?

The American Tax Planning Institute (“ATPI”) is a national organization for experts and those who wish to be experts in advanced tax planning. Through the ATPI, we train and mentor top advisors around the country so that they can educate the general public.

We will equip our members to serve the affluent market’s needs, to preserve and protect their hard earned assets, and preserve their legacy. Our members reflect all areas of financial services – attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and more.

The co-founders of ATPI, Rao Garuda and Simon Singer, are life members of Top of the Table (TOT), were board members of the Forum 400, and they are in high demand nationally to share their wisdom and success in the industry. In the past 15 years, Simon has led three separate companies in product and was President/CEO of the Forum 400.

This is your opportunity to be mentored by giants in the industry without them demanding you split business – extremely unique in the financial industry.

The Enhanced Strategies Summit Will Cover:

During the Enhanced Strategies Summit (“Summit”), we will be covering three main topics: marketing, mentoring, and training. Below is a sampling of what you can expect at the Summit.



  • Tax Related News Letters
    Regular and continuous contact is one of the keys to a successful practice. Our “Tax Coach” produces weekly electronic newsletters of real-life situations written in a practical and understandable form for direct delivery to your clients and prospects via “done for you marketing” and can be used on your websites as well. In addition, for some members we include seminar presentations, white papers and other tools that can add value to your practice. Everything can be private labeled for you so there’s really not much for you to do and is included in some of our membership classifications.
  • Business and Personal Marketing Videos
    We have licensed the use of “Business Killers”, which professionally shares the issues that most people have in their financial and/or personal lives, whether it be planning for retirement, business succession or estate and asset protection planning. We have over 100 videos that are appropriate for point-of-sale viewing, email attachments and/or your website and is included in some of our membership classifications.


  • Scott Keffer International
    Scott Keffer is an International Coach, Best Selling Author and Speaker, who you may have seen on or in NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CNBC, Worth, Huffington Post, Wall Street Select, Research, Money Show, Small Business Trendsetters, among others. Scott believes that every single person has been put on earth to live a life of BIG Impact. As an authority on business, marketing and authority positioning, Keffer has been interviewed on radio and TV. He has spoken at most of the industry’s top conferences, including The Forum 400 (formerly the International FORUM), AALU, NFP, CRUMP, BMO Nesbitt Burns, FIG, Ed Slott’s, InsMark, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, United Way of America, among others. As a top rated speaker, he has conducted over 427 presentations to tens of thousands. Through his speaking and coaching, Scott has trained financial advisors, estate planners and money managers from across the U.S., Canada and Australia. Attend Scott’s boot camp compliments of ATPI or at a steeply discounted rate depending on membership classification.
  • Industry Specific Software
    The InsMark Suite of Software is state-of-the-art and in our opinion far away the best software for playing what-if games and doing comparisons that our industry has never seen. There are many training videos to help the planner get comfortable in using the software and understanding its capability. In addition, the founder Bob Ritter has produced well over 100 blogs that not only explain the situation and provide a solution, but also give you real-world examples as to how to create a presentation that will be meaningful to your clients and produce revenue for you. The full suite of InsMark software is included as part of some of our memberships classifications.

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  • Engaging Physicians – Dr. Vicki Rackner
    Dr. Vicki Rackner is a former surgeon and now full-time author and speaker who helps financial planners build strong relationships with healthcare professionals by teaching them how they think and process information. She was a surgeon for 30 years and after treating tens of thousands of patients and holding a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Washington School of Medicine, she left the operating room to help family caregivers, patients and health care professionals partner more effectively. She has produced over 200 training videos and wants to help you make a difference in doctors lives. Dr. Vicki is regularly quoted in the national media, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, Bottom Line Health, Woman’s Day, and many others. She has been interviewed on over 100 radio shows, including NPR, Martha Stewart Living and Health Talk. Dr. Vicki’s materials are included in some of our included in some of our membership classifications.
  • Planned Giving Design Center (Education)
    Philanthropic planning brings with it both significant opportunities and significant risk. We have affiliated with the Planned Giving Design Center to both educate and protect you as to the opportunities and pitfalls of philanthropic planning with approximately 30 training videos and personal contact with the principles. Planned Giving is a way to develop assets under management, insurance sales, and fees from the people that wrote the book and is included in some of our membership classifications.

Special Added Benefits of ATPI:

  • Digital Marketing
    Where is my next case coming from? That is the mantra that we hear from most everyone in our business. “I’m a great closer but I need more people to talk to”. In addition to all of the marketing tools listed above, we are in the process of creating a state-of-the-art marketing program using technology. This process can be utilized in the public forums (like Facebook and LinkedIn), with your own client and prospect list, or even with the clients and prospects of tax attorneys, CPAs, property and casualty agency, and others. This software even tracks results and is included in our value proposition in some of our membership classifications.
  • Quarterly Summits
    Our quarterly Summits are held in major cities convenient to all. We have numerous industry experts in law, accounting, psychology and sales to help our members become more efficient, more informed, and more successful. The Summits are normally three days with one of the days being set aside for Members Only, but all three days having meaningful content and interaction including case studies, interviewing techniques, and strategic alliances with other professional advisors. The quarterly Summits are included in all our membership classifications and are free for our members to attend.
  • Monthly Webinars and/or Teleconferences
    On the fourth Friday of each month, excluding months with a Quarterly Summit, we have a Members Only webinar or teleconference. During these events, we discuss different topics from strategies, sales concepts, and introductions of new value propositions. These events are included in all our membership classifications.

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Should you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 1 (800) 997-5282.

We hope to see you at the Summit in Orlando.