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About Us


Our founders have been in the financial services industry for almost 90 years combined. During that time, they have witnessed a significant deterioration in training and mentoring and because of that deterioration, our industry has suffered a meaningful reduction in respect from both the public as well as professional advisors. Our goal is to provide training that our industry so sadly lacks and mentoring by some of the most successful people in the history of the financial services industry.



Rao Garuda and Simon Singer: Rao Garuda is renowned nationally for his willingness to give back as well as his production. He is a past board member of the forum 400 and is in great demand to speak to organizations nationally.

Simon Singer is also renowned nationally for his production and his willingness to give back. He is a past board member and President/CEO of the forum 400. In the last 15 years he has led four separate companies and is in great demand to speak to organizations nationally.



Members of the American Tax Planning Institute have access to elite industry professionals, software suites and a plethora of other resources.  They are taught by leaders of the industry, Simon Singer and Rao Garuda during monthly coaching calls and quarterly training summits, along with 250+ training videos and books. Members also have the opportunity to access professional tax newsletters, business coaching, state of the art industry specific software, the innovators of philanthropic planning, and a former surgeon who specializes in connecting the bridge between financial advisors and physicians.  They also have access to a preeminent network of tax attorneys’, CPAs, doctors and financial planners.